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Yuval Fenichel - Guitars 
Saar Gur - Drums 
Lilac Harel - Vocals 
Shai Yallin - Keyboards 
Nir Yaniv - Bass Guitars

Yehu Yaron - Double Bass on

'Shapeless (pointless, colorless)' 
Boris Martzinovsky - Accordion on 'Shapeless (pointless, colorless)' 

All lyrics by Lilac Harel 
All music written and arranged by Shai Yallin except for 'Shapeless (pointless, colorless)', written by Lilac Harel 


Drums recorded at Bardo Studios by Gil Teleman, assisted by Yonatan Kossov 
Vocals recorded at Bardo Studios by Yonatan Kossov and Ofer Froind 
Double Bass recorded at

Mitzlol Studios by Jonathan Barak, assisted by Amir Gilboa 
Bass guitar recorded at NSS

by Shai Yallin 
All other instruments recorded by Shai Yallin at his home studio 

Produced and mixed by Shai Yallin 
Mastered by Erez Caspi at

Bardo Studios 
Artwork by KarinaM 
Photography by Keren Segev 


Salvya would like to thank The Flying Spaghetti Monster who, by His Noodly Appendage, has allowed us to record and produce this album. rAmen.

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